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In this case we're going to use the method GetHostAddresses of the Dns class of the Sytem.Net namespace.For PowerShell 2.0 you can use following Windows PowerShell One Liners: Name to IP Address (DNS Forward)[System.Net.Dns]::GetHostAddresses(“graef.io“) Address : 3901025616 AddressFamily : InterNetwork ScopeId : IsIPv6Multicast : False IsIPv6LinkLocal : False IsIPv6SiteLocal : False IsIPv6Teredo :...

Respective Microsoft's Technet article regarding Resolve-DnsName I have created you a function with the ability to run it against more than only one computer. Resolve-DnsNames performs a DNS name query resolution for the specified name.Function Resolve-DnsNames { <# .SYNOPSIS Resolves IP or DNS name for one or...