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PowerShell, Server, Windows
As published in my Technet Gallery Script Center here, you can get current timezones remotely via PowerShell with Get-Timezones. Get-Timezones is using WMI to communicate with your servers.

This will give you following output:

With Set-Timezone you can set timezones remotely. If you need to disable automatic daylight saving time you can add the additional parameter DSTOff.

This will give you following output:

To get a full list of all timezone IDs type “tzutil /l” and you will get following list:



PowerShell, Server, VMWare, Windows
Hi there, following function Get-ScsiDisks retrieves disk details for VMWare Guests or any computer with corresponding SCSI disk details like SCSI ID and SCSI Bus. The function concatenates objects consisting of Win32_DiskDrive, Win32_LogicalDisk and Win32_DiskDriveToDiskPartition using WMI. For WinRM you can use Invoke-Command and inject the script.