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The main configuration of WordPress is handled by wp-config.php which is responsible for database access, language, API keys, security and more. Anything changed in this file takes direct influence to your site’s settings and appearance.
Settings set in wp-config.php are considered as global and overwrite all parameters in your admin panel.


Deactivate Automatic Updates

Disable Filter for Uploads

Automatically Empty Recycle Bin

Deactivate Editor for Themes and Plugins

Set Default Theme for WordPress



I’m not quite sure why WordPress does this but it seems to happen after some major upgrades or if one of your themes is not aligned correctly. The editor is jumping up and down while writing posts and this drives me insane! It seems not to happen everytime but mostly after a wordpress update happened or changing something on the interface.
Nevertheless if oyu want ot have it disbaled easily go to Screen Options at the upper right corner of your screen and toggle it.

Under Addition Settings you can see a field called Enable full-height editor and distraction-free functionality.

Untick it and be happy!

Server, Windows
If you’re searching for Windows Server Licensing and Activation Details of your Windows machine you can use following statements

which will give you following output

If you’re searching for some other details like your client machine ID (CMID) you can use following statement

which will give you following output

Both commands work for KMS and Non-KMS clients. It’s always good to have an opportunity to retrieve details like

  • License Status
  • Volume Activation Expiration
  • Client Machine ID (CMID)
  • KMS machine IP address
  • KMS machine extended PID
  • Activation interval
  • Renewal interval
  • Activation ID
  • Application ID
  • Extended PID
  • Produkt Key Channel Volume
  • Installation ID
  • Volume activation expiration
  • Remaining Windows rearm count
  • Reaming SKU rearm count